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elearning Facebook The LTTC is committed to supporting DIT staff in developing their knowledge and skills in the use of information and communication technologies to support and enhance interactions for learning.  To this end, we provide a range of services in the areas of training, support, consultancy and development.

Throughout the academic year we facilitate a wide range of training workshops, and one-to-one tutorials, on everything from getting started with eLearning and, to the use of Facebook and Twitter in education, mobile phones to enhance learning, and SMS texting to support part-time students. Also, we provide dedicated, individualised support for all staff whatever their eLearning needs, and run a week-long eLearning Summer School each year. 

In addition to this, we work frequently on a consultancy basis either assisting staff groups in the implementation of eLearning on a programme / department and school-wide basis, and in the development of multimedia resources for use with those students, or in the design, development and implementation of quality elearning CPD modules which are used by professionals from a range of industries. Using various eLearning models, these CPD courses allow professionals to update their skills and knowledge at a time and place of their choice.

New to Webcourses?

DIT students now use webcourses as part of their daily learning experience. If you are new to webcourses, we recommend you attend an introductory workshop. Check the workshop calendar for an upcoming course. You can also apply online for a new webcourses account, and review the online help section get started. However, it is strongly recommended that you attend some training in advance of using webcourses for the first time.

Already using webcourses?

Log on at

Check out the online help for answers and suggestions. To setup a new module please complete the online application form. It will be submitted to the Learning, Teaching & Technology Centre (LTTC) and is normally processed within 3 days.

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