Attend three core workshops plus one option, and get your Master Blender badge!

Blended learning is all about combining classroom teaching with online learning, drawing on the strengths of each learning space. Essentially, some face-to-face teaching and learning activities are moved online, as appropriate, giving students control over some aspects of time, place and pace during their studies. The exact nature of the blend depends very much on you, the lecturer, on your students, and the learning and teaching activities that need to take place. This approach can optimise student engagement and increase flexibility in a pedagogically effective way.

A series of workshops that will help you become a Master Blender will be running between now and Christmas. If you attend three core workshops plus one additional option, you can earn a Master Blender digital badge, which can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile and elsewhere.

So, come along and find out more about blending the learning experience for your students. Click on the links below to find out about each workshop and sign up to attend. Take your first step towards becoming a Master Blender!



Blended Learning: the basics

Weds 26 Oct, 12 - 2pm, Bolton St

Using Collaborate Ultra to teach online

Thurs 3 Nov, 11am - 12noon, online

Collaborating and Communicating Online

Tues 8 Nov, 11 - 12.30, online

Managing webcourses for blended learning

Weds 7 Dec, 11.30 - 1pm, Cathal Brugha

Content and Resources

Weds 23 Nov, 11 - 1pm, Aungier St

eAssessment and Feedback

Mon 12 Dec, 12.30 - 2pm, online

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