Technology Enhanced Learning, Teaching and Assessment CPD Module (TELTA)

TELTA is for anyone interested in experiencing, exploring and learning more about existing and emerging learning technologies. A unique approach is taken to this course in that participants will be required to set their own personal learning objectives at the outset, thereby enabling them to reflect on the weekly topics from their own professional perspectives.  This approach will also give participants the opportunity to develop their personal learning networks as they discuss meaningfully, with like-minded peers, how technologies could be utilised to enhance learning, teaching and assessment experiences.

‌The course will run over the course of 8 weeks, beginning January 10th 2017. Designed to give participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in learning technologies, the course is aimed at all participants from both public and private sectors. As a postgraduate CPD course, an honours degree (or equivalent) is required.

Fee waivers may apply for DIT staff.  
For further information on the course, tutors, participants, and topics to be covered, please explore this website. We look forward to meeting you virtually in January 2017!