TU4Dublin First Year Experience

Prototype Projects 2015-6

The TU4Dublin Re-Imagining our Curriculum theme recognises the importance of student transition into HE and the first year experience. Two Design thinking workshops, facilitated by Ewan McIntosh, identified 8 core themes that could potentially characterise the first year experience in a Technological University programme: 1. Induction/ orientation; 2. First 5,6 or 7 weeks  3 Assessment & feedback; 4. Students as autonomous self-directed learners 5. Peer mentors 6. Graduate Attributes 7. Learning spaces: virtual and physical 8. Alternative Curriculum models.  Since then, several initiatives aligned to these themes have been implemented (e.g. Peer Mentoring in ITB; further development of the STEER Project in DIT, FYE Teaching Fellowships in ITTD) and a report commissioned by the DIT LTAS committee proposing a set of recommendations under each of these themes.  

By way of consolidating and extending this work, the TU4DSteering group have agreed to fund the following Prototype projects. These were  launched at an event on 18Sept 2015 in DIT Aungier St. and reports on the projects can be accessed by clicking on each title below/

 Re-imagining the TU4D first year curriculum: First Year Experience prototype projects - please click on the titles to see reports

FYE Project Leader


Prototype Project Title (please click on each title below to read the associated report)

Eric Bates


Enhancing the first year experience through group work, research & presentation

Avril Behan


Return to Education from Work After a period away (REWARD) ‌

Jennifer Byrne


Virtual Learning Community & Environment

John Delap


DIT Peer Mentoring Universal Design Pilot ‌

Paul Dervan


Global classroom–Introducing a cost-effective international dimension to yr 1 ‌‌

Brendan Devlin


Reading skills for first year student engagement and the development of research ‌

Elizabeth Downes


Peer Mentor Programme for Yr 1 Management Students at ITT Dublin

Geraldine Gray


 Learner profile

John Healy


Creative Bootcamp ‌

Ronan Keaskin


Student Induction based on a Health and Wellbeing programme ‌

Garrett Keenaghan


A prototype of a web-based learning system for construction engineering

Sarah Anne Kennedy


Digital Library Welcome Pack

Dave Kilmartin


Transitioning to Higher Education

Claire McDonnell & Cormac Breen


Kickstarting College Success Certificate – First 5 Weeks  ‌

Sylvia Mooney


Supporting first year students with autism ‌

Eoghan O’Grady


SEP – Socialise, Engage, Produce

Ciaran O’Leary


Assessment planner to map programmes

Aoife Prendergast


Flipping the Classroom Introducing & Integrating Prof Practice in Humanities ‌

Barry Ryan


Lego Serious Play as a 1st year orientation, engagement & retention strategy 

Gavin Sewell


Students as Partners - Peer-assisted learning prototype   ‌


Background information about the TU4D FYE work- First Year Experience 2015-16 information