LTTC Resource Packs

 Teaching Portfolio

This resource pack has been designed toprovide a starting place for academic staff interested in exploring the use of teachingportfolios for the support of learning, teaching and assessment in higher education. Included are a number of selected web sites providing ideas from an international perspective. 

 Assessment Handbook

This is a revised edition of the Institutes Assessment Tool Kit prepared in 2005. The preparation of this resource is aimed at providing academics with reference material that will both enhance student learning through a positive experience of assessment while providing the appropriate material for scholarly engagement. 

Assessment Ideas in Practice

If you are looking for Assessment ideas to address specific needs Here you will find case studies, Teaching Fellowship reports and audio recordings to get you started.


Guide to Writing Learning Outcomes 

This document is intended to provide guidance in the writing of appropriate
programme and module learning outcomes. It explains what learning outcomes are and the benefits of using them for both staff and students. It distinguishes between programme and module learning outcomes and gives examples of each. 

Curriculum Design

This resource pack is an overview of current considerations for academics designing programmes for third level education. The changing demograThe rationale behind the changes in curriculum design is introduced and further focus is emphasised in the areas of curriculum design models, assessment models and evaluation models.

Active Learning

This pack looks at Educational research and why active learning should be developed. The importance of active and student-centred learning, developing lifelong learning skills and learning in context

 Supervising Postgraduate Students

There are a range of emergent issues and practices in the supervisory role over the past number of years. This academic resource pack is research-informed and focuses on development needs for supervisors of postgraduate students.

Academic Writing

This pack has two sections.
Section 1 deals with the process of writing assignments for the postgraduate programmes in The Learning and Teaching Centre. Section 2 will detail the APA American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style required for all postgraduate programmes.

Screencasting & Podcasting for Supporting Lectures

The Resource Pack is designed to provide some practical guidelines on how to create podcasts and screencasts to develop resources that can be used to support lecture delivery and student learning. An overview of the use of podcasting and screencasting is provided, along with some principles from cognitive literature on designing e-resources.

Using Pre-Lecture Resources in your Teaching

Pre-lecture resources are a way of scaffolding students’ learning of the new material in a module by providing in advance of each lecture some information to ease the cognitive load associated with new material presented in a lecture. This guide aims to offer good tips and hints for the development of pre-lecture resources for academic staff.

Using Clickers personal voting systems

 Includes ideas and a quick start guide to using Clickers in the Classroom

Designing a Poster

Includes a guide and ten steps to good poster design.