‌Reimagining the First Year Curriculum

Planning Meeting on April 14th 2015

A very productive session was held in the DIT Aungier Street campus on 14 April 2015 to plan for the upcoming Reimagining the TU4D First Year Curriculum workshop. This workshop will be facilitated by Ewan McIntosh and takes place on 12-13 May. Approximately 30 nominees from IT Blanchardstown, IT Tallaght and DIT were in attendance at the planning session and these included academic, management and professional support staff with an interest in and experience of supporting first years with the transition to higher education.

During the session, attendees worked in small groups related to 6 themes (listed below) and arrived at recommendations for related strategic priorities.

1.    Induction/orientation;
2.    First 5,6 or 7 weeks 
3.    Assessment and feedback;
4.    Students as autonomous self-directed learners
5.    Learning spaces – virtual and physical
6.    Alternative Curriculum models

The Reimagining the TU4D First Year Curriculum workshop on 12-13 May will take place in the Gleeson Theatre, DIT Kevin St and is open to all IT Blanchardstown, IT Tallaght and DIT staff. BOOKING: Click here for booking through Eventbrite!

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