Webcourses: Assignments, SafeAssign, the Grade Centre


The assignment tool allows you to collect assignments online and provide fast online feedback to students. SafeAssign has now been integrated into the assignment tool so you can decide whether or not you wish those assignments to be checked for uncredited passages taken from other sources. This will produce a report that shows matching sequences of words, matching sources and the percentage of matching words in the submission. All submissions can be accessed and downloaded from the grade centre, your comments can be inserted directly into the submitted text, and grades can be made available to students.

This workshop will show you how to use each of these tools effectively.   

Learning outcomes

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • create an assignment dropbox for your students, either with or without SafeAssign enabled
  • understand what SafeAssign can do
  • view and interpret a SafeAssign Report
  • review and grade assignments - including inserting comments directly on electronic submissions, which removes the need for printing
  • clear student attempts to allow re-submission
  • download submitted assignments
  • insert grades and overall feedback
DIT Institutional Objectives

This workshop is considered to support the following DIT institutional objectives:

  • Develop the curriculum
  • Develop and support teaching excellence
  • Develop key skills & competencies in students
  • Promote diversity of learning opportunities
Who is this workshop suitable for?

This workshop is suitable for all academic staff, but you must have a webcourses account.


Participants should have previously completed an "Introduction to webcourses" workshop or be current users of webcourses.

Facilitated by?

This workshop is facilitated by Frances Boylan of the Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre.