About the Programme

Programme Outline

Critical Studies
Incorporating Visual Studies, History of Photography and Theory and Criticism, this concentration enables students to analyse and account for the ways in which photography permeates all spheres of human experience and activity. Students work with theoretical and critical texts in order to examine and reflect on the nature and meaning of the photographic image in different contexts. This provides the foundation and core knowledge for the completion of the dissertation in Stage 4.



Photographic Practice
Students acquire key technical photographic skills through a range of challenging project briefs building towards long form project development and the Major Project in Stage 4. Through experimentation with different photographic image production methodologies and presentation modes, and a strong foundation in analogue technologies, students are equipped for a broad range of practical photographic work both inside and outside of the photographic studio.



Professional Studies
These modules prepare students for a number of professional contexts requisite for the practicing photographer and imagemaker. Exhibiting photography, in terms of the gallery space and the online environment, is addressed in conjunction with contemporary curatorial practices. Students study Law for Photographers and learn key skills that working photographers need in order to run their own businesses. The Portfolio module in Stage 4 culminates in the production of a professional portfolio required by a practicing photographer working in the field.


Programme Modules

Stage One

  • Visual Studies
  • Introduction to Photographic Practices
  • Research and Study Skills
  • Digital Technology and Production

Stage Two

  • Digital Workflow
  • Introduction to Documentary
  • Narrative Photography
  • Histories of Photography
  • Digital Imaging Manipulation
  • Archives, Images, History
  • Photographic Theory & Criticism

Stage Three

  • Photographic Theory & Criticism 3
  • The Photobook
  • Contemporary Photographic Practices
  • Research & Practice Dissertation
  • Law for Photographers
  • Exhibiting Photography: The Gallery Context
  • Exhibiting Photography: The Web Context
  • Self-Initiated Research and Practice
  • Dissertation Research Preparation

Stage Four

  • Dissertation
  • Portfolio & Professional Practice Studies
  • Major Project

Career Opportunities

The degree prepares students for a range of career opportunities as professional practitioners who work in the field as photographers, image editors, digital imaging technicians, archivists and curators to name but a few career pathways. Many graduates are successful artists who maintain a professional profile and practice as an exhibiting photographer or artist or curator.

Postgraduate Options

The BA Photography provides an ideal platform for graduates to undertake postgraduate research in photographic practice, art, visual culture and other research areas. A significant number of graduates continue on to postgraduate studies and further research at the MA and PhD level, both in Ireland and abroad. In addition to offering MPhil and PhD by research, DIT Masters programmes include Media Studies, Digital Media Technologies, Advertising, Music Technology, Journalism, Public Relations, European Public Relations, Public Affairs and Political Communications.